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  • May 24, 2016

Beyond The Headlines*

On October 3rd 2015, two Israelis were stabbed to death in Jerusalem by a Palestinian terrorist, who was then shot and killed by police. The ensuing BBC headline stated: \”Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.\” By victimizing the terrorist, the headline misrepresented the true events of the day.
This was not the first instance of misleading news coverage in Israel. In fact, newspaper headlines often stray from the truth. Yet, this phenomenon is not confined to Israel; worldwide, the media often fails to fully and accurately report news stories. We encourage you to educate yourself about what really goes on, in Israel and in the world. Read beyond the headline.


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  • March 23, 2016


You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • After visiting Israel for the first time we, a group of students from Chicago, created this shirt, to find common ground between Israeli and Chicagoan middle school students

    Israeli teens are exposed to violence daily because of the terror circumstances in Israel, while Chicago teens are constantly aware of gun violence due to poverty and gangs in certain parts of Illinois. Bonding over the commonality that teenagers are being killed all over the world when it shouldn’t happen!

    “You haven’t seen anything yet,” is a message to expose the truth behind senseless acts of violence involving children!!

  • February 25, 2016

There’s No Place like Home!

  • This campaign was inspired by events following the tragic murder of Sara Litman’s father and brother, by terrorists in Israel, days before her wedding. She turned her tragedy into a great simcha, when she invited all of Israel to attend her wedding.

    “instead of mourning, the Jewish people will dance. instead of crying, the Jewish people will sing. instead of fear, the Jewish people will have courage. And like Sara Litman, leading by her example, we will go from distress to relief, from darkness to light, from subjugation to redemption.” – Rabbi Mark Fishman.

  • January 21, 2016

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