What happens when your mind is telling you to quit?

By David Kramer


Almost every time I run, I hit a point in the middle when my mind and body start begging me to quit. The same thing happens when I start a new work-related project or campaign. The initial hype usually follows a few set-backs, miscalculations, rejections, development issues etc. making the planned result or ‘Dream,’ appear as distant as warm weather to an Englishmen.

Quitting is always an option, usually rationalized by, “The pain was not worth it, who likes running anyway? Tomorrow is another day etc.” Someone once said to me that when things start out hard, it’s a sign that the thing is worth pursuing. He explained, ‘When something comes too easy, it often disappears just as quick, therefore ideas that require struggle are worth investing in.’

When we hear of successful start-up companies or other accomplishments, we are disillusioned, thinking that their achievement was instant. We are not told of the period of uncertainty, proceeding the ‘sell-out’ where the founders slaved day and night, with no end in sight, chasing an idea that could easily flop. Thomas Edison, before inventing the light bulb, registered over 200 unsuccessful patents and The Beatles became a hit, only  after years of rejection by production companies (some of whom are probably still crying today.)

Woody Allen said, “99% of success is just rocking up.” Nelson Mandela said, “Everything seems impossible until it’s done.” We all have challenges but I guess the question is ‘What do we do when our bodies and minds are telling us to quite?


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