Indian Friends of Israel!

By David Kramer


Give a like to the growing ties between the people of India and Israel with Indian Friends for Israel!

“Started in 2012 by Indians living in Europe, Indians for Israel is driven with a deep sense of commitment towards the Jewish people and the Jewish State — in face of rising tide of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments. Their mission is to strengthen friendship and cooperation between India and Israel, as well as foster relationships between Indian and Jewish communities living in the diaspora across the world.

A poll conducted by Israel in 2009, shows that India, is in fact Israel’s biggest friend in the world! The poll interviewed 5,215 people from 13 countries (“Central” ones) found that 58 percent of people in India support Israel. Compared with 56 percent of U.S. citizens, 52 percent of Russians, 50 percent of Mexicans, 48 percent of Chinese and 39 percent of Italians.

Today, ‘Indians For Israel’ is the leading voice in defence of Israel amongst millions of Indians spread across the diaspora. The initiative is run by a network of dedicated volunteers located in India and the Indian diaspora. ‘Indians For Israel’ gives a platform to Indians of all faiths and political beliefs to stand up for Israel and the Jewish people.

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