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In the FACE of terror!

Following the tragic death of Ezra Schwartz, an American student studying in Israel, in a terror attack, his friends created this campaign to send a strong message in the FACE OF TERROR: read what they had to say:

“Ezra Schwartz was gunned down by terrorists after performing a mitzvah in Gush Eztion. He was more than just a friend to most who knew him. He was a brother, someone who you knew you can count on and cared about you. Everyone loved him, everyone considered Ezra their best friend. That\’s who Ezra was. The ability to make so many people feel cared about is really amazing, you would think there were 10 Ezras going around, how can one person have touched so many people? He was always the life of the party, people would just be drawn towards him and the smile that never left his face. Ezra didn\’t reach out to every person to make sure they were happy. He didn\’t have to. Just being around him, it was impossible not to smile, and Ezra knew that. He used it as a way to bring others close to him, to his happiness, to his love of life. Ezra was murdered by terrorists, but terrorism will not prevail!”

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