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Why T-shirts?

Since NU Campaign started in 2009, I have seen the awesome impact that T-shirt campaigns can have for organizations and causes and I strongly believe that they are one of the most effective and exciting ways, to raise funding and awareness for pretty much anything!

We have sold shirts worldwide and everyday we learn a new story, of how our shirts are making a difference. My favorite story was of a young girl, inspired by a shirt gift she received, entered a US national documentary contest, based on the motive of the shirt. When she made it to the finals, she wore the shirt on stage, in front of hundreds of people. In addition our shirts have been worn by well-known musicians, comedians, philanthropists, sportspeople, journalists, student activists and many more.

Besides the money you raise from T-shirt sales (see Start Page, to learn more about funding), t-shirt campaigns are like creating walking, talking ‘Human Billboards’ for your cause, as they wear your message wherever they go! With the boom of social media, t-shirts are also a great way of sharing your message online, by getting friends and fans to support, like and share your shirt.

This was the motivation for my team and I to launch the NU Campaign crowd-funding model, where we wanted to give you the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from this experience, we have lived for almost 5 years!

If you have any questions about starting a campaign or other feel free to drop us an email to



Welcome to NU Campaign!

Welcome to NU Campaign – a totally new way to raise funding and awareness for your charity, cause, project, event, business and pretty much anything else! We are totally excited to launch this new crowd-funding service and it’s a product of almost 1 year of intensive planning and implementation. We cannot wait to see your awesome campaign/s and look forward to producing and shipping high quality NU merchandising to your supporters worldwide! Also, as with all  NU shirts, your shirts will be printed with a story, as you enter it, on the inside of every shirt, by the wearers heart, so that they carry your message wherever they go! Feel free to browse around the site and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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