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Think BIG, act small – a medium sized lesson I learned

As published in Linkedin…

Over the years, I have developed a business and life mantra, in “Think Big, act small.” The Think Big part was inspired by a talk I heard by Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of Sodastream and former CEO of Nike Israel, at a conference for young social innovators in 2011. As he put it, in order to achieve big results, you first have to make space in your head for big things to happen i.e. if you create successful visions and business models and believe in them and in yourself, then things start to happen.

I have adopted this approach in my work as founder of and and it motivated me to make many important decisions, with both positive and negative results. One such decision, was flying overseas for just a meeting, I deemed very important, when still in infancy stage and the cost being significant for a little-start-up. I knew fully well that the outcome of the meeting could go either way but due to guts and my ‘Thinking big’ attitude, the meeting was good and led to a solid partnership. On the other hand, this thought process has led me to make a number of bad and costly decisions, in thinking too big and going bit beyond myself. As a result, I have added another component to the saying in ‘Act small’, inspired by my own experiences as a budding social entrepreneur, driven by the idea that in order to accomplish the big vision, you have to be dedicated to do the small stuff and take care of the day to day, with intricate detail and energy. The small stuff being giving every customer your 100%; seeing all contacts and leads as potential partners and investing in the relationships; using creative and innovative marketing on an ongoing basis; leading and managing your team, knowing that they are probably the most important drivers for success and constantly reviewing your results and adapting your approach and model accordingly. I have the ‘Think BIG, act small’ mantra on my fridge and it inspires me daily to look at the overall vision of what I want to accomplish while remaining focused on the now….I hope it inspires you too!

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