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2015 off with a bang!

January is a busy month as we meet with awesome student leadership groups from all over the world, here in Israel. Each group was assigned with the task of creating their own apparel campaign for something of importance to them and it was amazing to see the diversity of opinions and ideas.

We met with a group of multinationals on the day after the Paris terror attacks and we experienced the shock and vulnerability of the event together. The group were motivated to come up with a message that offered a positive response to the attacks and this campaign is currently in the works.

We met with a group who had been hit with a personal tragedy as a close friend had recently taken their own life. The group discussed the pain and confusion in not knowing what another person, so close to you, can be going through and tried to convey a message to other people who might be in a similar position, in that ‘You are not alone!’

We met with a group who had recently encountered the work of Israeli humanitarian organization Save a Child’s Heart, who improve cardiac care for children in developing countries. They felt their ‘Wear your heart on your sleeve’ was an important message to get behind and they have brought this campaign back to their campuses in the UK.

Finally we also met with a group of Israel Teaching Fellows, who want to bridge gaps in the Israeli educational system and bring supplies to underfunded schools throughout Israel. Their ‘Education Matters, I Matter’ campaign has just launched on our site, and is getting strong traction. What’s innovative about this campaign is that for every shirt you buy, they donate school supplies to kids in need. Check it out!


Why T-shirts?

Since NU Campaign started in 2009, I have seen the awesome impact that T-shirt campaigns can have for organizations and causes and I strongly believe that they are one of the most effective and exciting ways, to raise funding and awareness for pretty much anything!

We have sold shirts worldwide and everyday we learn a new story, of how our shirts are making a difference. My favorite story was of a young girl, inspired by a shirt gift she received, entered a US national documentary contest, based on the motive of the shirt. When she made it to the finals, she wore the shirt on stage, in front of hundreds of people. In addition our shirts have been worn by well-known musicians, comedians, philanthropists, sportspeople, journalists, student activists and many more.

Besides the money you raise from T-shirt sales (see Start Page, to learn more about funding), t-shirt campaigns are like creating walking, talking ‘Human Billboards’ for your cause, as they wear your message wherever they go! With the boom of social media, t-shirts are also a great way of sharing your message online, by getting friends and fans to support, like and share your shirt.

This was the motivation for my team and I to launch the NU Campaign crowd-funding model, where we wanted to give you the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from this experience, we have lived for almost 5 years!

If you have any questions about starting a campaign or other feel free to drop us an email to


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