Some facts about NU:

By David Kramer


Some things you should know before you start your NU:

  • Anyone online can create & launch a NU campaign
  • There are no upfront costs or risks
  • Shirts are shipped worldwide – NU Campaigns have sold in over 30 countries
  • Choose from men’s and woman’s T-shirts, Unisex running shirts or hoodies
  • Products are high quality – see below
  • Products are “Made in Israel,” by registered companies – no child labor!
  • Over $30,000 raised in first 4 campaigns
  • List of customers include: Matisyahu, Idan Raichel Project, Save a Child’s Heart, Innovation Africa, Aleh, Leket, The Israel Story (Galgalatz)
  • NU Campaign uses Paypal as our payment gateway – customers can pay in any currency.
  • NU reserves the right to reject any campaign – campaigns that are offensive, rude, racist and not socially acceptable will be rejected.

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