Top 10 Reasons to Just NU it!

By David Kramer


Our top ten reasons for creating & promoting your own custom NU apparel campaign:

  • It’s lots of fun!
  • You get to flex your creative muscle!
  • Express yourself!
  • You make $$$ online
  • There are no upfront costs or risks
  • Get people wearing your story I.e Human Billboards
  • Harness power of Facebook & Twitter – T-shirts are great for social media marketing
  • Create a killer design & logo for your organization, project, cause, loved-one, event or idea.
  • Blow your fans, supporters & members- away with an Awesome gift- printed with your message, inside, by their hearts!
  • Wear your own invention & feel like a king!

Any others? We would love to hear, so feel free to post a comment below!

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