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Have a heart!

In July 2015, as ISIS terror group callously attacked Yezidi villages, a small religious minority sect, in Iraq, CNN covered the story of Khairy Al-Shengary, a Yazidi brought to Israel with his son Wassam, in desperate need of life-saving heart surgery, by Israeli non-profit organization, Save a Child’s Heart.

Save a Child’s Heart (SACH,) an Israeli humanitarian organization and member of IsraelAid, is tucked away in the small Israeli town of Azur, twenty minutes outside Tel-Aviv. It is also the largest organization of its kind in the world.

SACH bring sick kids to Israel, suffering from heart diseases, from underdeveloped countries, often lacking medical staff and facilities, to receive lifesaving surgery. The procedures take place in Wolfson Hospital, a ten-minute drive from the SACH halfway house, by Israeli doctors who volunteer their time after work hours.

Wassam was blue in the face, from lack of oxygen as a result of his condition and his father waited anxiously throughout his sons seven-hour surgery, performed by Israeli doctor, Dr. Sion Houri.

El Shengary had a lot on his mind. Not only was he worried for his son throughout the surgery but at the same time he was desperately trying to gain information on his wife and four other children, who had fled on foot from the ISIS massacres, in his village.

“There were hundreds of young men and boys and they slaughtered them in the name of religion.” He says in disgust. “What kind of sick people are these?”

“To see a child who is sick and is now no longer sick, I know of nothing better,” said Dr. Houri, following the successful operation.

Soon after the operation El-Shengary is further relieved to learn of the fate of his family back home, who survived by entering a Kurdish stronghold, however with nothing left on their backs.

Save a Child’s Heart came into being in 1995 by Dr. Ami Cohen, an American Israeli serving as the Deputy Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery and Head of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Wolfson hospital in Israel.
Since then Save a Child’s Heart has saved 3,700 children’s lives from a wide variety of countries, including Africa, Eastern Europe, China and 40% from Arab countries including Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Palestinian controlled areas, including the Gaza Strip.

Ami died in a tragic accident while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in August of 2001.

His life’s project, Save a Child’s Heart, transcends national boundaries and political differences, building bridges of peace and understanding between Israel and the nations of the world.

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“Ambucycles of life!”

When Jerusalem born Ellie beer was six years old he and his brother witnessed a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, on their way back from school. The two young boys, saw a man yelling for help on the sidewalk but were so scared they ran home.

This experience instilled within Ellie a drive to save lives, so ten years later, he volunteered at a local ambulance service, eager to fulfill his mission. However, in two years of volunteering, he never got to save a single life, as his crew always arrived too late on the scene.

One day, they responded to an emergency call relating to a boy who was choking on a hotdog. There was terrible traffic that day, he says, and the ambulance desperately tried to get to the boy. When they finally arrived they initiated CPR on the boy. During this, a doctor from the neighborhood came running in to help, but told them to stop. He declared the boy dead. Ellie, heartbroken, realized that the boy died for nothing. If only, the doctor had been alerted earlier, the event would have ended different.

This set him off on what he describes was his life mission, to find a better solution.

In 1996, Bear founded Hatzolla Israel, now United Hatzolla, using specially equipped motorcycle ambulances and an advanced GPS technological application, to provide free around the clock rapid response to emergency situations across Israel. Their network of over 2,500 dedicated volunteer medics has so far provided emergency medical treatment to over 207,000 people, of which 47,000 were life-critical situations and with an average response-time, in less than three minutes.

After an emergency call, the organizations GPS application, developed by NowForce, dispatches the call to the closest five medics in the area and they drop whatever they are doing and go to the scene. Volunteers drive fully-equipped “Ambucycles,” wherever they go, supplied by the organization.

Beer recalls how as teenagers, following that initial incident, 15 friends and him bought police transmitters and tapped into the frequencies of the ambulance service, so that if anything happened close to their neighborhood, they would be first on the scene.

In 2010, Beer received the Social Entrepreneur Award from the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, in cooperation with the World Economic Forum of Davos. The award is given to those driving social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment and enterprise development.

In 2002, Ellie got a call from two Muslim Arabs from East Jerusalem, Muhammed Asli and Murahd Alian, who wanted to talk to him. They told him that their 77 year old father had died from a heart-attack, in front of their eyes, after the ambulance arrived an hour after the distress call.

They told him that they wanted him to start Hatzolla in their neighborhood. He agreed and went ahead in full force and started United-Hatzollah, in East Jerusalem.

“Hand in hand, Jews and Muslims were working together to save lives. It’s not about saving Jews or saving Muslims or Saving Christians but about saving lives,” he says.

When Elli’s father collapsed from a heart-attack a few years later, the first medic to arrive on the scene and save his father’s life, was a Muslim Arab from East Jerusalem. “You can imagine how I felt,” says Ellie.


Top 10 Reasons to Just NU it!

Our top ten reasons for creating & promoting your own custom NU apparel campaign:

  • It’s lots of fun!
  • You get to flex your creative muscle!
  • Express yourself!
  • You make $$$ online
  • There are no upfront costs or risks
  • Get people wearing your story I.e Human Billboards
  • Harness power of Facebook & Twitter – T-shirts are great for social media marketing
  • Create a killer design & logo for your organization, project, cause, loved-one, event or idea.
  • Blow your fans, supporters & members- away with an Awesome gift- printed with your message, inside, by their hearts!
  • Wear your own invention & feel like a king!

Any others? We would love to hear, so feel free to post a comment below!


Some facts about NU:

Some things you should know before you start your NU:

  • Anyone online can create & launch a NU campaign
  • There are no upfront costs or risks
  • Shirts are shipped worldwide – NU Campaigns have sold in over 30 countries
  • Choose from men’s and woman’s T-shirts, Unisex running shirts or hoodies
  • Products are high quality – see below
  • Products are “Made in Israel,” by registered companies – no child labor!
  • Over $30,000 raised in first 4 campaigns
  • List of customers include: Matisyahu, Idan Raichel Project, Save a Child’s Heart, Innovation Africa, Aleh, Leket, The Israel Story (Galgalatz)
  • NU Campaign uses Paypal as our payment gateway – customers can pay in any currency.
  • NU reserves the right to reject any campaign – campaigns that are offensive, rude, racist and not socially acceptable will be rejected.

About NU products:

When creating a NU Campaign you get to choose from three types of products namely, T-shirts, running shirts & hoodies. Here is some information about NU products:

  • T-shirts are offered in Unisex Crew-neck or V-neck ladies options
  • T-shirts are 100% Carded Cotton, 160 grams – soft & comfy!
  • T-shirts are offered in 30 colors
  • Running shirts are Crew-neck Unisex only – made from Cool-Dry Polyester material – in assortment of colors
  • Hoodies include zips and made from Futer (cotton & polyester) in assortment of colors
  • Products are printed using high-quality silk-screen printing and will not come off in the wash.
  • Products are printed with the design on front and your message or story, on the inside of every item, close to the wearer’s heart
  • Pricing below includes 2-3 colors per design. You may add more colors but note that it will increase the cost.
  • Only one product per campaign is allowed
  • Product sizes are listed on Check-out section
Spread the word

Step 3: Best Ways to Promote Your Shirt!

Here are some tried and tested ways to promote your campaign with maximum results!

  1. Personal emails to family, friends and contacts – sending short personalized emails to your contacts, inviting them to support your campaign with the link included, is one of the most effective way to generate sales. If sincere, they will appreciate the opportunity to support you! We suggest that you keep the emails short and personal and not try sound too commercial or over formal – remember, the main reason they will support yiu is because of you!
  2. Facebook messaging – Facebook allows you to send personal messages to all your friends in real time. A quick personal note, including the link of the shirt, is a good way to get an immediate response from someone to visit your design and purchase. (A small green dot next to the person’s name, indicates that they are online at the given moment.) This could be coupled with Posts to your timeline targeting all your friends at once, however, be careful not to overdo it!
  3. Boosted Facebook posts – this is one of the most effective and powerful ways to reach large target audiences way beyond your network. Facebook allows you either to Boost posts on your ‘Newsfeed’ (recommended) or on the sidebar to select audiences based on age, interests, gender and location. This really allows you to hone down on your specific market and find the ‘exact’ group of people who are most likely to buy your shirt. Your budget will determine how many people see your ad or post and the FB ads manager gives you in-depth feedback and insights into your ad. FB also allows you to create sub “ad-sets” within the main ad category, so you can try out different audiences and messaging. It is advised to set up 5-10 ads using small amounts of money i.e. $10 for each ad set, for 1 day each, and then invest further in the ones which achieve the maximum results. Those will compensate for the ones which do not do well. See here for guide
  4. Create a social media campaign – think out the box to share the campaign i.e. t-shirt chains, viral-videos, #hashtag Twitter campaigns; photo-shoots; get people to hold signs with your design and take pics and share online; invite famous people to wear and share the shirts etc.

unnamed (1)

  1. Build a team – garner your friends, family and colleagues to help promote the campaign. Create an army of online fans who agree to share your designs and content. Incentivize them with discounts on new designs and even perhaps free shirts, after certain milestones.
  2. Forums, magazines, blogs, shares on social media sites (Instagram, pinterest etc.), offline events etc. Press-release – send out well-crafted press release with the link to local press.


recent campaigns

2015 off with a bang!

January is a busy month as we meet with awesome student leadership groups from all over the world, here in Israel. Each group was assigned with the task of creating their own apparel campaign for something of importance to them and it was amazing to see the diversity of opinions and ideas.

We met with a group of multinationals on the day after the Paris terror attacks and we experienced the shock and vulnerability of the event together. The group were motivated to come up with a message that offered a positive response to the attacks and this campaign is currently in the works.

We met with a group who had been hit with a personal tragedy as a close friend had recently taken their own life. The group discussed the pain and confusion in not knowing what another person, so close to you, can be going through and tried to convey a message to other people who might be in a similar position, in that ‘You are not alone!’

We met with a group who had recently encountered the work of Israeli humanitarian organization Save a Child’s Heart, who improve cardiac care for children in developing countries. They felt their ‘Wear your heart on your sleeve’ was an important message to get behind and they have brought this campaign back to their campuses in the UK.

Finally we also met with a group of Israel Teaching Fellows, who want to bridge gaps in the Israeli educational system and bring supplies to underfunded schools throughout Israel. Their ‘Education Matters, I Matter’ campaign has just launched on our site, and is getting strong traction. What’s innovative about this campaign is that for every shirt you buy, they donate school supplies to kids in need. Check it out!


Sderot Young Leaders!

Last week we ran a campaign building workshop with a group of young leaders (SYL) in the Southern Israeli town of Sderot, bordering the Gaza Strip. We were amazed to see the positive attitude, tolerance and motivation of these teenagers, who after enduring years of terror rocket attacks against their city (over 14,000 since 2001,) have emerged strong and resilient…gives us a lot of hope and inspiration to see the next generation of leaders coming through!


Why T-shirts?

Since NU Campaign started in 2009, I have seen the awesome impact that T-shirt campaigns can have for organizations and causes and I strongly believe that they are one of the most effective and exciting ways, to raise funding and awareness for pretty much anything!

We have sold shirts worldwide and everyday we learn a new story, of how our shirts are making a difference. My favorite story was of a young girl, inspired by a shirt gift she received, entered a US national documentary contest, based on the motive of the shirt. When she made it to the finals, she wore the shirt on stage, in front of hundreds of people. In addition our shirts have been worn by well-known musicians, comedians, philanthropists, sportspeople, journalists, student activists and many more.

Besides the money you raise from T-shirt sales (see Start Page, to learn more about funding), t-shirt campaigns are like creating walking, talking ‘Human Billboards’ for your cause, as they wear your message wherever they go! With the boom of social media, t-shirts are also a great way of sharing your message online, by getting friends and fans to support, like and share your shirt.

This was the motivation for my team and I to launch the NU Campaign crowd-funding model, where we wanted to give you the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from this experience, we have lived for almost 5 years!

If you have any questions about starting a campaign or other feel free to drop us an email to



Welcome to NU Campaign!

Welcome to NU Campaign – a totally new way to raise funding and awareness for your charity, cause, project, event, business and pretty much anything else! We are totally excited to launch this new crowd-funding service and it’s a product of almost 1 year of intensive planning and implementation. We cannot wait to see your awesome campaign/s and look forward to producing and shipping high quality NU merchandising to your supporters worldwide! Also, as with all  NU shirts, your shirts will be printed with a story, as you enter it, on the inside of every shirt, by the wearers heart, so that they carry your message wherever they go! Feel free to browse around the site and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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