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    The Story

    #WhyIsraelWhyNow This summer nine college students from around the USA were given the opportunity to travel to Israel for five weeks, assimilate into their every day culture, and learn about their business life in internships throughout Jerusalem. Through this program, our hope is to bring back valuable experiences not only to college, but to the various Jewish summer camps we work at across New England. Being apart of such a wide Jewish community, we deeply care about Israel and all of the events that go on there.

    Last November, a member of our community, Ezra Schwartz, lost his life due to an unfathomable terrorist attack while he was studying in Israel. Similar to us, Ezra was hoping to bring back his experiences to his Jewish summer camp, and to show the rest of the world that Israel is a special place to travel to, no matter what the circumstances may be. Ezra may not have been able to voice this message himself, but we want to make sure that he is heard. One should never have to question whether or not Israel is safe enough to travel to. Instead, one should understand that Israel will always be a place to call home now and forever. We want to share the story of WHY Ezra could call ISRAEL his home, and WHY the nine of us as well as so many others are still able to think of it as home NOW. #WhyIsraelWhyNow

    Watch the video on the NU Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NUCampaign/


    A campaign by Onward Israel Interns, standing strong in the face of terror!

    Message Printed By The Heart

    It wasn’t hard to love my brother Ezra, for anyone. He was easy going and kind. When you were with him, there was never a dull moment. I think the most important thing to learn from his personality would be to see every minute as an opportunity to enjoy what’s in front of you and to relax about the things that don’t matter as much. He was fearless and understood what it meant to do the right thing and ignore judgment. At the same time, he was just an 18 year old, living his life, just like you and I. Ezra was killed by a Palestinian terrorist on November 19th 2015. During his short time in Israel he realized the opportunity he was given early on. Ezra was smart and had no intention of wasting his time. As my father wrote, “we know how happy he was in Israel and how much he wanted to be there for his year before college. We have no regrets. We are happy for him because of all the places he’s been and all the people he was able to touch.” I took three separate trips to Israel since Ezra was killed. I’m not afraid. If there is one thing I know it is that my brother would not want me to hide away and stop living my life. I stand with Israel more now than ever. I have experienced the true Jewish connection as close as it can get, and it is something very special. While I felt like the most unlucky person, I knew I was the luckiest, because I got to have Ezra for his full 18 years. Ezra is my heart and my strength. My best friend and baby brother.” -Mollie Schwartz, Ezra’s sister

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