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    Every shirt printed with the story of the cause, on the inside
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    The Story

    A message and design for our technology driven generation!

    ”I felt the need to devise a campaign about disconnecting from technology as we are constantly looking down and not looking at the world around us. Society has become addicted to technology and it is becoming more and more evident everyday that we need to start doing something about this. This shirt aims to make people aware of the need to disconnect more from their technology and connect more on the world around them. This may be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp; we may not see important things around us leading to missed opportunities. Networking through meeting people has become non-existent as people no longer talk face to face. Friends do not need to constantly be updated with your life on a screen, but actually need to see you in real life and understand what you mean. Disconnect with technology and connect with the world. Grasp every opportunity you have to experience something new, whether this be travelling, meeting new people or simply going out more. When on a train, walking in the street or simply sat down in a restaurant, have a conversation and smile. Make the most of the one chance you have in life.” 50% of profits made will go towards the charity ‘Save a Child’s Heart’.

    Disconnect to Reconnect

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    Message Printed By The Heart

    "I want to disconnect to see, to hear and to feel the world around me. I want to be a friend to you; I want you to be a friend to me, to share, to laugh, to cry, to play and not simply be a contact on my social media. I want to connect.''

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