Butterflies & leaders

By David Kramer


The following story featured “Inside” one of the first NU Campaign shirts for Masa-Israel’s Building Future Leadership Summit, in Jerusalem. We thought it quite an appropriate message for tomorrow’s leaders…

“A wise old man lived at the top of a hill in a small village. One day a clever little girl from the village, set out to prove that she was indeed the smartest person in site. She climbed the old mans hill and when she got to the top, she grabbed a butterfly in her hands. She approached the wise old man and challenged him to tell her if the butterfly was alive or dead?! She schemed that if he told her it was alive, she would crush it dead in her palms and if he said it was dead, she would open her hands and let it fly away. Both ways, she had him fooled! The wise old man, turned to the little girl and said,” Little girl, it’s all in your hands!”

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