Step 3: Best Ways to Promote Your Shirt!

By David Kramer

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Here are some tried and tested ways to promote your campaign with maximum results!

  1. Personal emails to family, friends and contacts – sending short personalized emails to your contacts, inviting them to support your campaign with the link included, is one of the most effective way to generate sales. If sincere, they will appreciate the opportunity to support you! We suggest that you keep the emails short and personal and not try sound too commercial or over formal – remember, the main reason they will support yiu is because of you!
  2. Facebook messaging – Facebook allows you to send personal messages to all your friends in real time. A quick personal note, including the link of the shirt, is a good way to get an immediate response from someone to visit your design and purchase. (A small green dot next to the person’s name, indicates that they are online at the given moment.) This could be coupled with Posts to your timeline targeting all your friends at once, however, be careful not to overdo it!
  3. Boosted Facebook posts – this is one of the most effective and powerful ways to reach large target audiences way beyond your network. Facebook allows you either to Boost posts on your ‘Newsfeed’ (recommended) or on the sidebar to select audiences based on age, interests, gender and location. This really allows you to hone down on your specific market and find the ‘exact’ group of people who are most likely to buy your shirt. Your budget will determine how many people see your ad or post and the FB ads manager gives you in-depth feedback and insights into your ad. FB also allows you to create sub “ad-sets” within the main ad category, so you can try out different audiences and messaging. It is advised to set up 5-10 ads using small amounts of money i.e. $10 for each ad set, for 1 day each, and then invest further in the ones which achieve the maximum results. Those will compensate for the ones which do not do well. See here for guide
  4. Create a social media campaign – think out the box to share the campaign i.e. t-shirt chains, viral-videos, #hashtag Twitter campaigns; photo-shoots; get people to hold signs with your design and take pics and share online; invite famous people to wear and share the shirts etc.

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  1. Build a team – garner your friends, family and colleagues to help promote the campaign. Create an army of online fans who agree to share your designs and content. Incentivize them with discounts on new designs and even perhaps free shirts, after certain milestones.
  2. Forums, magazines, blogs, shares on social media sites (Instagram, pinterest etc.), offline events etc. Press-release – send out well-crafted press release with the link to local press.


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