How much Profit you can Make?

  • The Cost of the shirt, international shipping , packaging and handling fees are build into the selling price and profit calculation below


  • The minimum selling price is $24 per shirt and there is no maximum selling price, although we recommend you give some thought as to what your target market will pay for a shirt! You can also add multiple gift rewards, offering customers the chance to buy more shirts in one shot!

  • We produce the shirts, in bulk,  at the end, so the more you sell, the cheaper the shirts and the more profit you make!

  • Our calculation below is at a base sale of 50 shirts and more (50, 100, 500), for a 2 color design. If your design includes more then 2 colors, the cost per shirt will increase. If you sell less then 50 shirts, the cost also increases per shirt (we send the profit calculation at the end.)

How much Total Profit you make?

This is the Total Profit you make, for three different Selling Prices and Quantities of shirts (ignore “per-shirt”):

T-shirts & Running shirts:

Selling Price:
50 shirts
100 shirts
500 shirts


Selling Price:
50 Hoodies
100 Hoodies
500 Hoodies

As long as your campaign breaks-even, we produce and send the shirts. If not, we refund your supporters in full. No harm done and you can try again!

Remember, you can also ask for large donation amounts and offer relevant rewards for the Pledge. This follows the traditional crowd-funding model i.e. Donate $1,000 Reward: Get 10 shirts. NU takes a 5% service fee on donations

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