Making it work!

By David Kramer


Successful T-shirt crowd-funding campaigns are a result of having an awesome T-shirt design, a compelling story and the ability to effectively promote the campaign out to as many people as possible – after all the more people that know about your campaign, the higher the chances to sell as many shirts!
Here are a few tips from the NU Campaign team to get good results:
1. Make sure you are confident with your Shirt design and that you think it will sell – show it to a few people before you start and get their feedback
2. Select a specific fundraising purpose for your campaign – people will be more willing to contribute to campaigns with a specific cause or fundraising goal.
3. Write a compelling Project description, Inside Story Text (printed by wearer’s heart) and Project Overview – a good story can have a big impact!
4. Add a video to your campaign – its optional, but research shows that crowd-funding campaigns with a promotional video get better results. Simple videos can work and an honest, sincere appeal from you or your team, can make a difference!
5. Set the right Pledged Gift amounts – do some research and see what people in your target audience will pay for your product? Ask yourself, what would you pay for someone else’s campaign product?
6. Build your team – recruit a pre-launch team of friends and colleagues to promote your campaign when it goes live!
7. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Email – share it to your world!
8. Contact the media – send a press-release to local newspapers, magazines, journalists and key people in your target audience!
9. Work hard – take it from us – successful online campaigns require hard work!
10. and have fun!!!!! Life’s too short to stress the small stuff!


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